Graffiti is both enjoyed and rejected by the populace. How everyone is going to embrace it depends upon how the artist portrays their art. You have already seen where most graffiti art is displayed. They are all painted on the walls or any other surface, usually in public spaces. Most people view graffiti as vandalism and the artist involved in it is punishable by law because they are considered destroying property. Best elevator maintenance service is provided by Innovative Lift Consulting Pvt Ltd. However, there are a few graffiti artist that are celebrated for their work. This has definitely caused a stir in the art world, especially amongst graffiti artists since they are able to freely create graffiti while the rest are labeled as vandalism.

 One of the very famous graffity artist is Banksy. If you take a look at his most celebrated works, you will find some messages that come with it. But it is safe to say that is not the kind of graffiti you have considered it to be. The graffiti that most people are used to looking at are a combination of decorative letters and colors that come into shapes. The artist behind them usually uses their nicknames or name of groups and write them on the walls using spray paint. While there are experts in the art world that consider it to be art, most people consider it garbage and will dismiss it as vandalism – a term referring to destruction of private or public property. There are those that are beautifully written, but nothing like the works of the world renowned graffitti artist. It is all up to the viewers of these graffiti on walls whether they consider it art or not.

 Aside from the celebrated graffiti artists, there are those that live double lives. They work with respectable jobs during the day, but they work their passion as graffiti artists during the night. Some of them are doing it for a cause, especially one artist that painted on walls against global warming. There are those that write their initials and do so in a creative and artistic way. There are also those that seem to be having fun or simply teasing the walls with scribbles that do not make sense. All in all, those not recognized by the authorities are considered to be doing something illegal, and are likely to be sentenced to jail for a couple of years. Those who have been imprisoned find it really hilarious seeing that they are serving jail for a couple of years yet those who have committed graver offenses than them are only serving for a couple of months.

 If you wish to become a graffiti artist, you should accept the risks that come along with it. There are different ways to approach graffiti art, in which you can ask the authorities where in the area you can apply your art. For those who are battling against whether graffiti is art, that is all up to you to decide. Don’t wait for any approval from others, as long as you are not being too judgmental about what the graffiti artists are doing. Just don’t forget the risks that come along with doing graffiti art in your neighborhood, whether it is acceptable or not.