Be prepared and ready to record with a click track (metronome). This means practicing with a metronome before you come into the studio. When you are recording or practicing with a metronome or drum beat, try to really lock in with and feel the accent of the beat.

You should know the approximate tempo of the song or “BPM” when you arrive in the studio. BPM stands for  beats per minute, which is how many times the beat is counted per minute.

Most songs are counted in 4/4 or common time, which is counted 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4, etc. So a song that has a BPM of 60 would count to four 15 times in one minute, or would have one beat every second.

Headphone Levels

If something doesn’t sound right in the headphones when you are recording let me know ASAP! If your headphone mix is out of balance it will be difficult to give a great performance. It is quick and easy to adjust the headphone mix so don’t be shy if you need something.

Silence is Golden

In the bands in melbourne we use very sensitive microphones that pick up sounds that you may not normally be aware of. Breathing, the rustling of clothing, tapping your foot, and other sounds can all be picked up and heard in a recording during softer and less dynamic parts of recordings.

Loud breathing can be problematic when recording acoustic guitar tracks. Try to be aware of your breathing when you are preparing and practicing for your upcoming recording sessions .

When you come to the end of the song allow your instrument to ring out into complete silence. Resist the urge to talk or ask questions for about 10 to 15 seconds after the song is finished. Nothing kills the vibe of a song like someone talking or letting out a big sigh at the end of a song.

Don’t Panic

Try to stay relaxed in the studio. If you make a mistake continue playing through to the end of the song unless the engineer stops you. Most of the time we can go back and overdub or re-record over the mistake.

Take a Break

After we finish recording all of the tracks, it’s best to take a break from the songs for a few days or more. One of the most important things to getting a good mix is having fresh ears.

In the mean time, listen to some of your favorite songs and make notes on what you like about the mixes of those songs. Listen to how loud the instruments are and listen to the overall balance of the song. If you really like the mix of a song bring a copy of it on CD to the studio. We’ll listen to it and we can use it as a reference point for mixing your song.