Whether you want a welding career and are a veteran welder or you want to learn to weld and get lots of work right away, I have good news!
You CAN Get A High Paying Welding Job
There are thousands of welders looking for welding jobs and careers. Many are content just to find part time work. And from a bird’s eye view a welding career looks like a pretty terrible prospect.

If you want a welding job that pays a significant salary you have to do things differently. You cant do the same things everyone else is doing
• Blindly Emailing Resumes
• Begging For A Job
• Cold Calling Decision Makers
• Etc.
If you do the same things that everyone else is doing your resume will be thrown in the trash or deleted. Or, you will be overlooked or they will hire the other guy who has more certs or has more experience.
Start Your Welding Career Here:
The way to get a welding career is to personally contact each prospect employer with a unique marketing package, not just a resume. Everyone and their mother is sending a resume. You have to stand out!
So what you want to do is stand out:
Get your list: First you need to get a list of all the potential employers you want to work for. This is really easy. You can do it manually by simply searching on Google for the business names.
Get the name of the owner of the business, or whoever actually makes the hiring decision. Not the human resources department
Step 1: Send a letter with your picture in it. Write like you talk and explain your experience and skill level in the specific industry you are trying to get a career in. But dont just write about yourself, explain to the employer that you understand how hard it is to find the right person to start a welding career or job with their company because they need someone who is not only experienced and good at what they do, but is reliable, shows up on time, is healthy, and accountable. These are the things that are important to employers.
Fed Ex or Priority Mail this letter. Don’t just put it into a number 10 envelope.
Step 2: In the mean time get your video camera and make a good enough video of yourself welding something difficult like welding two razor blades together, or welding to coke cans together. Something impressive.
Step 3: Build a mini website. This is really easy to do. You can build a welding website for free at Weebly.com (dont use this for business because these sites are not very good but they are good enough for what you are doing here).
Put your picture up, along with your skills and experience, along with another version of the letter you mailed to your potential employer.
Step 4: Upload your video to Youtube or any number of video hosting sites and then put this video up on your website.
Step 5: You probably wont get a reply from very many employers from the letter in step 1. But this letter is helping you set the stage for your follow up online. So now, send a second letter to your employer.
Make this letter really pop. Attach something to the letter like a little hat inside a circle (ring), and then write something like, If you are still sorting through resumes for the (name of welding career or job), so I would like to throw my hat in the ring! And then reference the first letter that you sent and re-write it for this letter.
Fed Ex or Priority Mail this letter.
Step 6: Get the email address of the person you are trying to contact and send them an email that has the same personality as the first and second letters. But now direct them to your website with the video on it. Be sure all your contact information is in the email and the website.
Step 7: Mail a DVD version of the video you made, and be sure you have your contact information on this DVD.
Step 8: Follow up on the phone, and try to talk with the person who makes the hiring decision. Reference the letters and the DVD you sent. You will have a really good chance of talking with the decision maker about your welders brisbane career at this point because they probably no you by name.
If you contact 5 20 or so potential employers I am certain you will get a job offer. But there are no guarantees. However, you can take the unique marketing methods Ive taught you here and use them in your welding career to land welding clients if you want to build your own welding business. Why let your employer keep all the money when you can keep it yourself?
Starting a welding business isn’t for everyone but it sure beats working for someone else.